充実した日 Productive Day

It was a busy day today.

After I dropped William off at his school, I did so many things in three hours. I did Cize again (By the way, I'm sore everywhere!), took shower and got ready, baked a loaf of bread, and made two chocolate angel pies. Whew. I didn't realize you could do so many things if you used time wisely. 

It doesn't look so good, but tasted yummy.

Chocolate angel pies (High Calories, but very yummy)

In the afternoon, we went to Mariela's house to learn Spanish. After we came home, we worked on William's kindergarten homework and music class homework. Then I had to finish making cupcakes to take to people's house to BOO. :)

マリエラの家で。At Mariela's 
Running around in Mariela's backyard

カップケーキ完成 Cupcakes complete :)

After dinner, we went to do the Halloween boo thing. Brian was the driver, William was a good support, and I was the one who took the treats and rang the doorbell and ran. 🏃 It was so fun. :) 

Brian disguised as a bandit. lol

After we came home, we had our cupcakes. :)

By the way, I thought I raked leaves yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, leaves were everywhere! By the evening, it was a lot worse. I can't stand these leaves!



Today, I exercised for the first time in over a year and a half! I did Beachbody's Cize (dance exercise). I felt sick right after I started it, but soon I got used to it and was able to complete its 30 minutes workout. I'm positive my whole body will be sore tomorrow. I wonder if I can continue working out...

William and I had a big argument this morning. Perfect way to start off the day right?! Sigh... But after he came home from kinder, we had a fairly good afternoon.

William spent most of the afternoon making his "book". Everyday, he adds new pages. I did something similar when I was a kid. I guess we are related.

And when I opened the front door to go check the mail, our front yard looked so terrible with all the leaves. It needed to be raked badly, so I went out and raked for about an hour. William came out and help which really was a big help. We filled 2 of these bags, and there are still a lot more leaves to fall. Our backyard looks terrible too.

Of course he wanted to jump into the pile of leaves. :)

And I baked some more rolls today. The picture is missing two (we already at them), but I made 7 chocolate rolls and 6 regular rolls this time. Hopefully this will last at least for two days.

We had chili for dinner tonight. I like crock pot dinner. You just throw everything in and it cooks for you.

I steamed the sweet potatoes we got from our garden too. They don't look all that good except one, but the even little ones tasted just like the big sweet potatoes. :) They weren't as good as Japanese sweet potatoes, but was good enough. I want to eat yummy Japanese sweet potatoes!


散髪 Haircut

It's school picture day tomorrow at William's school. So, I gave William a haircut since his hair was getting long and could use some trim.

My parents sent me this hair catcher a while ago, and I used it for the first time today. How was it? Hmmm, it did not catch hair completely. It was okay.

Doesn't he look better?

笑顔 Nice smile

怖い顔のつもり Scary face

変顔 Silly face

By the way, William asked me to make chocolate bread yesterday, so I baked rolls with chocolate chips. I only made 6 of them (3 regular rolls and 3 chocolate rolls)and... 

They were all gone by this morning. So I baked 6 more today and there is only one chocolate roll left, and William wants me to bake a bunch of them tomorrow. It takes some effort, but I want to bake them for him since there are not many foods he likes. Though what he is really enjoying is the chocolate chips part, not the rolls themselves. lol

And we had Tomato sauce with Italian sausage over homemade egg pasta. We love this so much. So good.


サプライズBoo! Surprise Boo!!

Someone rang our door bell tonight at 9 pm.

We thought, who the heck is ringing the door bell this late?! Brian answered the door, but no one to be found...but found these at the door.

Now we have to do the same to two other people. Who should we choose...hmmm. I love this. So fun! 

ハローウィンストア&誕生日ディナー Halloween Store & Birthday Dinner

It was Saturday today and we went shopping.

First we went to Target. There are some interesting costumes.

パンダ Panda

フライドポテト French Fries

ドーナッツ Doughnut 

Then we went to a Halloween store. This time we went to a different one from the last one. It looked like this one was more popular than the other one since there were a lot more people there.

And there were more scary decorations at this store, and William got a little scared.

The purpose of going to the Halloween store was to buy Brian's Halloween costume. Yes, you read it right, to buy Brian's costume! Can you believe it?! It's the first time since we got married that he is going to be something for Halloween. It might be the first time in his life! I'm so looking forward to Halloween this year.

By the way, we went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday tonight. We were originally planning on going to a Sushi place, but right before dinner we decided to go there for our anniversary next month. I didn't have anywhere else I really wanted to go, so we decided to go to a nearby Mexican restaurant, Casa Mexico. 

So much food as always. The food is always good too. 


I thought they would bring me a sombrero to wear for my birthday, but I didn't get to wear it. :( And after I left the restaurant, I started feeling sick and was down for a while. :( :( So much for dining out for my birthday...but it would be a memorable day.

前の投稿からの出来事 Things Happened Since Lat Post

It's been kind of busy and hard to update everyday.

In this post, I'll talk about food.

先週水曜日はプルコギを作りました。いつ食べてもおいしい♪ I cooked Bulgogi for dinner last Wednesday. It's always delicious!

And, I finally cut the cantaloupe from our garden, and inside was mostly green. :(

The skin was thicker than the fruit!

And I tried some of the Godiva chocolate Brian gave me for my birthday. It's milk chocolate with Hazelnut cream, and is so rich and yummy.

This is chocolate flan my Mexican friend Mariela gave me. It's too sweet for Japanese. lol

And I cooked Subuta (Sweet and sour pork) too. It didn't taste all that great too me. It was so different from my mom's. I love my mom's the best.

I baked some heart shaped ham bread too. I can never make them right though. William doesn't eat ham, so I told him it was salami bread. Then he happily ate it, ha ha.